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Printable American Flag

Download Free Printable American Flag

The American flag history is long and the flag facts are just as long and detailed.

The name of the flag is the United States of America Flag and is commonly referred to as the American Flag. The flag colors are red, white and blue with the white stars in the upper left hand corner over a blue background.

The flag must never be flown at night without a light shinning on it. Flag images that are taken at night will always have a spotlight shining up towards the flag to light it up in the dark sky. This is the only way to display a flag at night.

The flag symbolizes independence and freedom. If you look at flag pictures, you will see that it has fifty stars that represent how many states there are in the United States. You might also want to know that this flag is sometimes called The Star-Spangled banner, Old Glory and Stars and Stripes. Displaying the flag must be done with honor.

If you use the flag as flag wallpaper, you still should respect the flag. If you use it as flag graphics, you should use good taste and not use it in bad taste.

Some people use a gold fringe around the flag and use it as flag backgrounds when writing about the United States. This is acceptable as long as it does not cover the flag in bad taste. If you need printable American flag pictures, you can print them out and use them as you need.

The only thing you need to do is use the flag is print it in full color without distorting the colors in any way. Many people print out full page flags so they can display them in their windows or on their cars. This is a way of showing respect and honor for the country.

When important people die, the flag is flown at half-staff, which means that on a flagpole the flag is not raised to the top of the flag pole, but to the center of the pole. The flag is displayed on Independence Day, Flag Day, and President's Day, Veterans Day and Memorial Day as well as all days of the year depending on where you go. One important flag fact to remember is that that flag should never be allowed to touch the ground. This is showing disrespect for the flag.

The American Flag has changed so much over the years. However, for forty-seven years, the flag never changed until Alaska was added to the United States and then Hawaii.

This made the flag a fifty star flag, as we know it today. The first flag of this country did use the Union Jack flag in the upper left hand corner until that part of the flag was changed to the stars in the corner of the flag. The flag as you know it today is the flag that you see flown everywhere around the country.

When people need a flag picture for wallpaper, graphics or to use with documents, they look for a current picture with the fifty stars. You can find a flag to print and use in any way that you want. You can print out a full size page of the American Flag to be used as a school project or to display in windows or to make as a paper flag for parades.

The best way to teach kids about the page is to explain the history while they look at the picture. The printable American Flag can be displayed anywhere as long as you do not disgrace it.

Printable American Flag

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