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Flag Tattoos

Evoke your patriotism and pride with a Flag Tattoos.

When I was in school, I decided to get a tattoo on my arm.

Though I was a bit concerned about the consequences regarding the code of contact laid down by the school authority, I finally managed to get one. The next day in school was a mixed experience for me.

As soon as I entered the school, some of the teachers noticed the tattoo on my hand; they turned furious and dragged me to the headmasterís office. I was surprised to find that our headmaster was not at all angry but instead he asked me to take a seat and asked the other teachers to leave the room.

He then pulled his chair near to me and placed his hand on my shoulder and said, "Son, I know that this is a modern trend but, tattoos are against the school principles. If you use them, they will send a wrong impression to the world outside and people can say that the school cannot give proper education. Do you want that? I guess, not. But still, if you want to have a tattoo, why donít you get a Flag Tattoo?"

I never heard of any such thing and I was surprised to now that. I asked him about the same and also asked that why they are not a problem for the school principles? The headmaster gave a smile and said that a flag is nothing but a symbol of a countryís pride and glorious history.

Proper usage of the flag is nothing but showing respect to the country and showcasing the patriotism. He said that by using a Flag Tattoo, a person can show how much he or she loves his country and this never puts forward a wrong impression. He said that these tattoos can be used even by the school children and people will look into it as a part of proper education.

I understood what he wanted to put across to me and thanked him a lot to provide me with such great information. I had several questions coming to my mind and he could read that by simply looking at my face. He said, "Son, do not hesitate to ask the questions you have in mind. If you donít ask out of fear or any other reason, it will be a failure on our part." I was moved by his comments and said that I wanted to know more about the tattoos of US flag.

He said that the US Flag Tattoos can be used by any one. Whether the person is in military or whether he is a firefighter or a police officer or even a general citizen, everyone has the freedom to use them in a respectful manner. He said that these tattoos are very diverse in nature and people can use the various versions available in the market.

He said that some people can use the proper military version of the tattoos while others can choose from a range of more stylized versions but at the root, the essence remains the same- no one should harm the pride of the country. He explained that many people use these tattoos to showcase their belief in the strength of the country and some can use them as a respect for the glorious past of the nation.

He explained that the tattoos can look like a flying flag or a still flag and some other tattoos can have the image of eagle and crosses. He also said that there are some tattoos, which point to some specific historical events such as the Civil War or the Revolutionary War.

It is all about what a person chooses. He taught me a lesson in a way, which probably no one else could do. I was have to get some wonderful knowledge and changed the tattoo the very next day!

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American Flag Tattoo Designs

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