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Printable Union Jack Flag

Learning about the Printable Union Jack Flag

The more you learn about the printable Union Jack flag, the more you will understand the flag history, flag facts and what makes the flag pictures so fascinating.

The Union Jack flag as many call it is thought to have been named for union because of the unity of three flags into one and Jack because of the flag flown from ships. Four other countries incorporate the flag into their flags. They are New Zealand, Tuvalu, Fiji and Australia.

This flag fact is not known by many in other countries and is interesting to know when looking at the different flags. When the flag was first introduced, it was known as the British flag back in 1606.

The flag images are something that we see everyday and may call it the British flag, but in reality, it is the Union Jack or Union Flag. The flag history is complicated and spans over four hundred years. Before this flag picture, there was talk of a flag with the St Andrews and St George cross across a canton and some suggested the two crosses placed in a position next to each other. In 2003, someone suggested adding the St David cross and adding yellow to the flag. Then it was thought to add the Welsh Dragon to the flag.

The flag history also says that the United States used the Union Jack as its first flag. The flag also appeared on flags from South Africa. The flag is incorporated into the Hawaii flag. The Hawaii King was told that the flag symbolizes the authority of the King, so the Hawaiian King flew the flag as his own. As of today in the flag history, Hawaii is the only state in the US to use the flag in it owns flag design.

Flags that were seen with a white border being displayed on ships was known as the Pilot Jack flag. This has been traced back to the early 1800's. Flag backgrounds, flag graphics and even flag wallpaper use the Union Jack. In the United Kingdom, you will see the Union Flag flying on special days. The flag flies on Prince Edward's birthday, Europe Day, Commonwealth Day, Prince Phillip's birthday and on Remembrance Day, plus more than twenty other days. In North Ireland, the flag is flown on St Patrick's Day and Scotland flies the flag on Merchant Navy Day.

What the flag meaning exactly is would be a guess. Because it is used for so many occasions and by so many different countries, it has a meaning for each, but not one is the same. Because the Union Jack flag is so popular and sough after, you can print it for free and use it for any reason you want.

This is just another way to allow the flag to be seen by everyone. It can be used for flag wallpaper or graphics for a report or website. It makes more sense to use the Union Jack flag then it does to use another flag when talking about the flags of all countries.

There seems to be no special rule about the disposal of the flag as there is for the flag of the United States. This is because of the status of the flag, which is unofficial as a national flag. The flag can also be folded in any way unlike the United States flag.

Some other names for the flag are Royal Union in Canada, Rice Character in Hong Kong and Butcher's Apron in Irish republicans. If you need a printable Union Jack flag, you can call it anything that you want it seems.

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