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Free Flag Backgrounds

Showcase your patriotism with Free Flag Backgrounds

Most of the days I keep myself busy with my work.

In fact, I stay with my computer and hardly get enough time for recreation. But, exceptions are always there.

It is the story of just one such exceptional day when I decided to stay away from my work, planned for a theater, and ended up watching a war movie. The story and screenplay of the movie moved me from inside.

The pristine love of the soldiers for their motherland and their willingness to sacrifice everything for defending the pride of their nation stirred me from inside and left me thinking for the rest of the night.

Honestly speaking, I was not familiar with the life and sufferings of the soldiers. It was then that I decided to pay homage-a tribute to all the sacrifices made by these real heroes of the nation. The simplest thing that I could do was to change the background image of my computer screen and replace it with my national flag.

I conducted a Google and Yahoo search and to my surprise, I came across several sites, which offer free flag backgrounds. I had conduct this search simply because, there are hardly enough images and wallpapers in my computer that can be used as a wallpaper and specifically there are no images of national flags.

Therefore, internet search was the only option left for me. Once I had the search engine open in front of me, I was confused and I did not know what to write so that I can get the images of the flags as this was the first time I was looking for any wallpaper. I had no other option but to ask for help from my younger sibling, my sister!

She felt proud when I asked for a help from her and she happily helped me. She is quite accustomed with image search and asked me why I want such an image. When I explained the whole story to her, she was happy to know that I was moved by such patriotic feelings and then she helped me in searching the images of our national flag.

I was in fact surprised to find the hundreds of search results popping out. The inputs that she gave in the search box of the search engine were, "Free Flag Backgrounds", "American Flag Backgrounds", "US flag images" and many more. Every time she entered a search query, the search engine returned hundreds of results within a blink of the eye.

The wide collection of the national flags left me perplexed and I was surprised to see that the free flag backgrounds were downloadable absolutely without any cost. Certain websites also offered beautiful animated flag screensavers.

Some of the screensavers also had lovely patriotic music built in them. I really loved almost all of them. The sites allowed me to download flag backgrounds and some of the sites offered those images without any cost. I spent a lot of time in downloading a few hundred flag backgrounds, which were a perfect fit for my screen resolution.

Just not to forget my sisterís contribution, she helped me a lot in selecting some great wallpaper and helped me in learning how to use an image as a wallpaper. I found it to be as simple as 123Ö

There can be a hundred of ways to how my patriotism and to prove that I loved my country like anyone else does but this was probably the simplest thing that I could do without any delay! You can visit Patrioticon.org or Coolchaser.com and download some beautiful wallpapers for your computer.

Flag Wallpaper Backgrounds 1
Flag Wallpaper Backgrounds 2
Flag Wallpaper Backgrounds 3
Flag Wallpaper Backgrounds 4

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