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Flags Coloring Pages

Flags Coloring Pages: An interesting way to learn history

History was never very interesting for me. The only things that I liked about history were the great wars that happened in the past and the ancient history. I was in class 5 when my history teacher found a new way to build up my interest in the political history of a country. She started off with flags of any nation. One thing that she knew very well was that I had a keen interest in colors.

My teacher found out an exciting way to teach me history and every day she came up with small contests where she asked us to color the flags of different nations. I loved that! Truly speaking that marked the beginning of my interest in flags of various nations. She used to explain the importance of different colors used in the flags. It was really interesting and I found a new meaning in everything!

She used to give us blank and colorless images of the flags and we had to identify the nation and then fill up the correct color. It was fun full of knowledge.

I liked these daily activities and in short time became an expert. The interest grew to such an extent that I used to play the same games with my brother back at home. It has been long since I have left the school but the habit has not changed. Even today I spend my free time by coloring the flags of different nations.

Only a few things have changed. First, I don’t buy blank flags any more. The internet has made things easy for me and for millions of other people. There are several websites available, which allow me to download the flags coloring pages of different nations of my choice. These flags coloring pages can be used in both Mac and Windows machines. Secondly, they are available in various shapes, which can be downloaded free of cost!

The most interesting thing about these blank free flags coloring pages is that they do not include any advertisements and other junks, which can annoying. Personally, I do not like these kinds of advertisements and website junks.

Yet another surprising element is that my brother, who used to help me and participate in my childhood game, has also retained the habit and till date, he also keeps himself engaged in the game of coloring the flags.

The popularity of the flags coloring pages have increased to such an extent that different companies have come up with flag coloring books and flag coloring sheets, which can be found in different book stores.

Parents and school teachers can buy those books and sheets for teaching their kids and students. These coloring flags can be found in two different formats. One of these formats is a simple blank flag and the other has a coloring key. The second format has a style known as “paint-by-numbers”.

Both formats can be helpful for teaching and truly, both of them are interesting enough to keep the children busy. The flags of any nation can be found in different shapes like a waving flag or a flag of the shape of a heart. The flags can also have the normal shapes and can also be available in simplified format. Me and my brother find these flags coloring pages to be so much interesting that both of us compete with each other world flag coloring pages as we used to do in our childhood days.

I will always be grateful to my teacher who made this possible. You can find such coloring pages in various websites like Coloringcastle.com and Coloring-page.net. Take some time to visit these sites because I am sure that you like them.

World Flags Coloring Pages 1

World Flags Coloring Pages 2

World Flags Coloring Pages 3

World Flags Coloring Pages 4

World Flags Coloring Pages 5

World Flags Coloring Pages 6

World Flags Coloring Pages 7

World Flags Coloring Pages 8

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