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Funeral Flags

Funeral Flags for Any Service

You will find many different funeral flags. There are flags for the military and flags for funeral processions.

There are flags for dignitaries and flags in different colors. The funnel flags have been used for centuries when there is a funeral. The cars and caskets are adorned with flags.

The cars usually have flags flying as the car parade to the cemetery for burial. The casket flags are draped over the casket and folded into a triangle before being given to the family of the deceased. These flags are usually cased in a glass box with the name of the deceased printed on a gold plaque.

Country flags are used on cars for military personnel that pass away. The cars have small flags to show that the person was a military figure. There are funeral flags in solid colors that are displayed on cars so that other motorists know which cars are in the procession.

These flags come in orange, red, black and white. Some other colors are yellow, blue and green. These are general funeral flags and only symbolize a funeral is taking place. These flags are vinyl or cloth depending on the choice of the chapel in charge of the funeral arrangements.

When the funeral flag is displayed, it is displayed in respect of the person who has passed on. The military flag is also kept out of respect for the person. It is displayed usually on a mantle or with a light shinning on it. The flags you

see a t a funeral can be used for funeral homes or processions. Once you see all of the available flags, you will see the different types of flags that can be used. Countries always use flags that are tasteful and respectful of the person and the family left behind.

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