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Free Printable Mexican Flag

Some History about the Free Printable Mexican Flag

Over the years, the free printable Mexican flag colors have remained the same, but the colors pertaining to the flag meaning has changed.

The flag colors have been in existence since 1821, but the flag we see today with the meaning of the colors has been in existence since 1968. The coat of arms displayed in the center of the flag is used to set the flag apart from the flag of Italy, which uses the same flag colors.

The flag images show the coat of arms as a eagle holding a serpent while perched on top of a cactus that appears to be set atop a rock above the lake.

The flag symbolizes independence in the color green, religion with the color white and union with the color red. After the change in Mexico that separated the country from President Benito Juarez, the color meanings changed.

The green symbolized hope, white was unity and red was blood of the heroes. However, the World Encyclopedia of Flags has mentioned that the color green means hope, white purity and red religion. The flag history is complicated with the rise and fall of the government over the years. The flag photos over the years have shown how the flag has changed in design as far as the coat of arms, but the colors have remained intact.

People have used the flag graphic to display on websites and in magazines. The controversial use of the flag wallpaper in the Spanish Cosmopolitan made headlines. In 2007, Paulina Rubio, was draped in the Mexican flag for a photo shoot.

Using flag backgrounds would have been must better accepted rather than having the flag draped over a naked body. The flag images in the magazine caused the desecration of the flag according to the Mexicans who look at the flag as a symbol of there independence.

The free printable Mexican flag can be used for anything, but it is best not to use it in a way that the people and government of Mexico will feel as if it desecrates their flag and heritage. Flag pictures help people with many different circumstances.

They are use to make graphics, wallpaper and backgrounds for articles about Mexico or something to do with Mexico. However, you can use the printable flags as you see fit. The Mexican flag is colorful and interesting, which makes it a popular flag to use.

The flag facts combined with the flag history is fascinating and many people have written about this very thing. When you have a place to get the flag free to use, it makes it easier than trying to find a place to copy a picture. You can just print out the picture and have what you need without infringing on any copyrights. You have full use of the flag without worry. Use the flag for parties, weddings or even for special birthday parties. How you use the flag is up to you.

There is no catch to printing out the flag. You will find that the colorful flag will print out easily on any computer with color printing capabilities. The flag history is of course, as fascinating as the flag itself.

Knowing how this flag came about after so many years gives you some flag facts that you may not have known before. It is always nice to know something about the flag you are using. After you decide that you want to use the flag, you will be curious about the history and meaning of the colors. The free printable Mexican flag is always available if you need it for any event or reason.

Printable Mexican Flag

Printable Mexican Flag

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