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US State Flags Symbols

Seeing and Learning the US State Flags Symbols and History

The US flags symbolize something different for each state.

Each state has a flag that flies just below the United States Flag on the flagpole. Although each flag is different for each state, they are influenced by history.

The US state flags symbols can be traced back as far as the early 1890s. However, most of the flags were designed and adopted between 1893 and the WWI. It is said that the best-designed flag in the United States is New Mexico, while Georgia's flag is said to be the worst designed flag according to a survey in 2001 by the North American Vexilloigical Association.

There are fifty state flags that represent something of historical value for each state. The earliest flag to be adopted was that of Hawaii in 1845. The newest flag to be adopted was that of Louisiana in 2006.

Other flags of Vermont have the earliest adoption, but the flags changed many times over the years. The first flag of Vermont was adopted and used from 1770 to 1804, the second from 1804 to 1837, and the third from 1837 to 1923. The current flag of Vermont was adopted in 1923 and is still the flag today.

Some states had design changes over the years, but many of the states adopted a flag in the early years and kept the same flag throughout the years. The older flags of Louisiana are less than attractive, but the new adoption of the flag has more appeal. Although each flag means something different, they all have one thing in common.

They are flags of the fifty states that are part of the Unites States that stands for freedom and equality for all. To understand each flag, one would have to see what the flag means and symbolizes for each state as well as why the specific design was chosen.

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