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USA Flags

USA Flags: A rendezvous of culture, history and integrity

Unlike my classmates, I never dreamt of becoming a scientist or a mathematician by any chance.

The things that really obsessed me were the life stories of our ancestors who sacrificed their lives and their everything to give us our present. There is no point thinking that I am a patriot by birth, in fact no one is! The first time I picked up the history book, I was a bit surprised to see the image of a person standing in front of a flag and saluting it.

I was ignorant about that cloth or the gesture and I asked my mother. It was then that I was introduced to the flag and I learned about the gesture. My interest kept on growing in the form of questions and may be that was the beginning that marked my destination and I became what I am today.

I learned the history of the flags and the different USA Flags, which are used for different purpose. One thing that my parents and my teachers taught me was that, a flag symbolizes the pride of a nation and it is our responsibility to maintain that.

Driven by my quest, I asked a question to my schoolteacher, which I thought was one of the weirdest questions I ever asked! Nevertheless, I was wrong and I was surprised to know that my question was not wrong! My question was: “Our country has 50 States so, do they have 50 different flags?” Indeed, they have! State Flags of the USA symbolize the 50 different states and each one them have their own history and significance.

They all are different and have different colors and symbols, which have separate meanings. Whether it is Wyoming, Nebraska, Ohio, Tennessee or any other state, they have a separate State Flag, which depicts the culture, history and integrity of the state. I was excited to know this and I shared this piece of information with my friends… they however, never looked very interested! One day when I was busy with my homework, my cousin came in with a flag, which was different from all the USA Flags I came across.

She was not different in terms of interest and surprisingly, she was equipped with the equipped with the knowledge about the flag. What she shared was something new for me and I learned about the Civil War and the Union. It was during the Civil War when some of the Southern states moved out of the Union and demanded a separate flag for themselves and this gave birth to the Rebel flag.

Gradually over time, both me and my cousin started spending most of our free time learning about the history and the flags related to USA. It was during that time, when we learned a lot and came across the Confederate flag, which carries a lot of controversy with it and even today has a prominent presence abroad!

This flag stood as a symbol of regional entity. However, since anyone can assign any meaning to a symbol, the symbol used in the flag loses its intrinsic value. It was no doubt surprising for me and my cousin when we learned about the wide array of possibilities!

The interesting fact that came to our notice was that there were multiple Civil War flags, which were used during the period. The states, which seceded from the Union developed a few flags during the Civil war of which the Bonnie Blue flag was the most popular one.

It was during the period of Civil War when the national flag of USA kept on changing with minor modifications. The USA Flags have great history hidden in them, which draws attention and respect from every citizen of USA.

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