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What Do Flags Represent?

What Do Flags Represent? Did you ever ask to yourself, what do flags mean?

It is the story of the time when I was in class six.

I used to do pretty well in all subjects apart from history which always had been boring and uninteresting to me. To be honest, I found it disgusting and the disliking for the entire subject was pretty much because I had to remember dates! One day when I was watching TV, I changed the channel just come across a channel broadcasting something about a country’s flag.

I tried to change the channel immediately but my father stopped me and asked why I was changing the channel. I answered that the flag actually annoyed me. Guess what? He got angry and asked if I ever tried to know “What Do Flags Represent?” The smart NO changed my view since then.

He calmly walked down to me and sat beside me and said: “Son, it is important that you honor the flag of every country”. He said that a flag means a lot to a country and its people just like the video games which were precious to me.

I asked why? He explained that a flag represents the pride of a country. It is symbolic of the country’s struggle to earn its freedom. He said that millions of people sacrificed their live for earning freedom.

There was no intention of material gain that drove them. He further continued that a flag represents the ability of the nation to survive over time and that it represents the unity of the nation and its power to defend its countrymen during a situation of crisis.

This information were not new for me but the way he presented it to me left an everlasting impression on my mind that I can never forget. The speech he gave changed me from within and I learned the answer to the question, “what do flags represent?”

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