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Residential Flag Poles

Where to Find Residential Flag Poles

If you intend to purchase a residential flag there are some decisions you need to make.

First you need to pick a site for your flag pole and then choose the height of the pole you want to erect. A twenty foot flag pole is typical for residential flag poles.

Next, what material do you want to use for your pole. Aluminum has a high strength, low weight and a reasonable cost. Fiberglass is the second most popular material used for making flag poles. It has a hard glossy gel coat that allows the pole to resist soiling and scratches. Fiberglass is also safer than aluminum in areas prone to lightning.

You can also choose an internal or external halyard system. A halyard system is what is used to raise and lower the flag at the appropriate times of the day.

The external halyard has the pulley system and ropes on the outside of the pole. With an internal system there is a door in the pole that allows you to use a winch or handle. The door can be locked to prevent mischief or theft.

You can choose the finish of your pole and what if any ornament you want on the top of your pole. You can also have a light put in the top of your pole which will shine down on the flag when you want to fly the flag at night. Never leave the flag up at night unless it is illuminated.

Some flags can be put up by just two people. First dig a hole to a depth of about 10% of the total height. For instance, for a twenty foot flagpole the hole should be two feet deep.Insert the ground sleeve into the hole and pour the concrete around it. Donít let the concrete touch your residential flag pole because it can cause corrosion of most flag pole materials.

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