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Outdoor Flag Poles

Outdoor Flag Poles the Most Popular

Outdoor flag poles are the most popular. We see them in private yards, in front of businesses, hospitals, schools and houses of worship. They are prominent on military installations, sports stadiums and in front of local, state and federal government offices.

When you are researching flag poles for your home or business, be aware that height measurements that are listed on charts represent the above ground height. So if you order a 25 foot pole it will measure 25 feet from the top to where it enters the ground.

Most flag poles that you purchase come with a finial for the top (eagles, spurs and balls are most common), truck assembly and pulley system, ropes, flag clips and the ground sleeve. With large flag poles you may want to have an engineer or contractor dig your hole, install the pole and pour the necessary cement to keep the pole erect.

Check to see if there are any local ordinances that restrict the height of any structures and yes your flag pole will be considered a structure and is subject to this ordinance. Another way to display the American flag outdoors is to use a wall mount on the side of your house or garage.

Remember that if you choose to leave your flag up all night it must be lit up. You can put a light on the top of the pole to light it from above. It may be easier to install a light in the ground. Be sure it is installed at the right distance and angle to illuminate the flag properly.

If the flag gets torn, you need to remove it and, if you wish, install a new flag. Most of the outdoor flagpoles that are available are made of materials that are strong and resistant to fading or pitting such as fiberglass or aluminum that has a protected coat to keep it smooth and shiny. Stainless steel is also available, its strength and resistance to corrosion make it an ideal, if pricy, flag pole material.

On the lighter side, a search for outdoor flag poles will also find garden flag poles.

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