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Metal Flag Poles

Are Metal Flag Poles Affordable

A metal flagpole can be made of either aluminum or stainless steel. Aluminum poles are strong and fairly inexpensive.

They are lightweight and resistant to the effects of rain and snow. You can choose a pole as high as eighty feet and even higher. However, most residential flag poles are usually somewhere between twenty and forty feet above ground footage.Decide what finish you want, satin, natural, dark bronze or black.

There are two halyard systems. An external one uses a rope and pulley system. The internal system is inside the pole and is accessed by a door in the pole. On some poles the door can be locked to avoid malicious mischief and or thievery.

The flagpole with the door is a bit more expensive than a flag pole with an external halyard system. This method is more prone to theft and can be noisy during high winds.

An aluminum flag pole that is in the ground must be set in a ground sleeve and concrete. The flag you use shouldn’t be any larger than 40% of your pole’s height.

If you purchase a telescoping flag pole make sure the sections lock into place rather than trying to wedge it together. This will help to ensure the stability of the pole in high winds.If your aluminum flag pole gets dirty it should clean up easy with some mild detergent. Don’t use an abrasive because this can damage the finish.

You can fly your flag 24 hours a day if you make sure that there is a light shining on it. You can have it on top of the metal pole shining down or you can install a flag pole light on the ground shining up at the flag. If this flag gets ragged you need to take it down and replace it.

Some people like to raise their flag just after dawn and then take it down right before the sun sets.

Metal flag poles can be made of either aluminum or stainless steel. I much prefer the look and feel of the stainless steel flag poles.

You can get poles from twenty feet above ground poles up to eighty feet. The larger pole has a total length of eighty eight feet. The smaller one has a total length of twenty three feet.In addition to the tall ground set stainless steel metal flag poles, there are outrigger wall mounted stainless steel flag poles, a vertical wall mount and a tilting stainless steel flag pole which is hinged, based and counterbalanced.

Most outdoor flag pole sets come with an external halyard system. This has the ropes and pulleys that are needed to raise the flag in the morning and to lower it in the evening. However there is another available way to do this.

An internal halyard system has a pulley system inside the pole. There is a door in the pole for access to the system. Most of the doors can be locked. This prevents the flag from being stolen.

A popular type of metal flag poles are tapered poles. These poles have a brightly polished stainless steel finish. These poles are wide at the bottom and they taper in all the way to the top. These unique flag poles have an air of elegance and beauty.

Some stainless steel flag poles are made from alloy 304 for normal conditions or alloy 316 for a more corrosive environment, perhaps in and industrial area where some emissions could damage the alloy 304 flag poles.

Whether your flag pole is located at your business or in your front yard, if you plan to fly your flag overnight, the flag must be lit up. It can be done either from a light on the ground shining up or a lamp on the top of the pole casting light down on the flag.

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