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Medieval Flags

Medieval Flags of the Past

The medieval flags are some of the most talked about flags.

They represent different things and are not as classy as the flags of the countries or states. Some are very colorful and the artwork used for the design is incredible, but then again, some are just hard to look at.

The Scottish Lion looks more like a rug, but has a historical meaning. The Edward Teach Pirate flag is also known as Blackbeard. The flag shows what appears to be a devil with an arrow pointed down at the hearts on the flag.

There is a skull flag, Edward Lowe flag and Fleur De Lis flag, which are from medieval times. The flags from medieval times are used for showing the force of one group to another. The earliest mention of a medieval flag dates back to the ninth century.

People use the flags for parties and events with a medieval theme. Some are held on flag poles planted in the ground and some are displayed hanging from ceilings. The flags with all of their color make a unique decorating idea. The colors and designs have specific meaning, but some flags are hard to define with meaning.

In medieval times, the flags were flown in recognition of the group that was displaying the flag. Many of these flags were flown in high winds and were torn and worn. These flags were not destroyed when they were in this condition as done with country and state flags.

The flags that were tattered meant the long days and nights that the flags endured as well as the group they represented. You can find many of these flags to buy or even color. Some are unique in a way that you cannot imagine. They all have a story behind them and many deaths as well.

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