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Animated Flags Gif

Animated Flags Gif are Fun and Free

What do the animated flags of the world say about the modern worldwide culture?

Globalisation is believed to be the strongest phenomenon of the 21st century: more and more people lose their own cultural identity and the new ĎInternetí culture replaces the particularities of every nation with common features of the virtual world.

But is that really so? Canít there be seen characteristics of countries on the Internet as well?

You donít have to be a genius and know many languages in order to realize that globalisation isnít as strong as it is believed to be, not even on the internet. Actually, the internet is the virtual space where you can learn in the easiest way new interesting facts about countries from all over the world and other civilizations. And what does define better a country than its flag?

At the first sight, flags seem to be no more than textiles differently coloured having some particular signs on them. But in fact, they are the most powerful nonverbal proofs of a civilizationís identity and history.

As strange as it might seem, two or one single colour and some particular signs on a flag can tell centuries of a nationís history. Flags remind people about their identities, about their culture and pride of being a part of a nation. The internet does not disaffirm the particularities of a nation; it actually promotes the equality and diversity of nations.

There can be seen on many websites flags of different nations meaning that the content of the site is available in the languages of the countries whose flags appear. There can be also found animated flags, printable flags and quizzes with flags online.

In a particular way, the animated flags of the world show the pride people still have nowadays when it comes to their country and their specific flags. The animated flags are symbols for flags waving in the wind, for peace and for proud of a nation.

Having a wide perspective regarding other countries, their beliefs and particularities is a thing that people living in the 21st century have to learn more than ever. Living together with people originating from other countries opens the gate to learning new things about their habits, beliefs, ideology and most important of all, learning to respect somebody that is different from us.

And you canít respect somebody if you donít understand what makes you different from him. The first step for doing that is taking a look at the most primitive and yet the most important object that is specific for that particular country: the flag. Believe me: you wonít get bored doing that. Itís like reading secret treasures map where each colour has significance.

I hope that you remember when you see next time an animated flag on the Internet to take a look at the animated flags of the world and learn exciting things about the people that live maybe next door to you.

And donít forget: the animated flags are solid proofs that globalization isnít as strong as some people believe. There still is in every personís heart a place where is hidden respect for his country and for the national flag with its particular symbols.

Animated Country Flags Clipart 1

Animated Country Flags Clipart 2

Animated Country Flags Clipart 3

Animated Country Flags Clipart 4

Animated Country Flags Clipart 5

Animated Country Flags Clipart 6

 Animated Country Flags Clipart 7

Animated Country Flags Clipart 8

Animated Country Flags Clipart 9

Animated Country Flags Clipart 10

Animated Country Flags Clipart 11

Animated Country Flags Clipart 12

Animated Country Flags Clipart 13

Animated Country Flags Clipart 14

Animated Country Flags Clipart 15

Animated Country Flags Clipart 16

Animated Country Flags Clipart 17

Animated Country Flags Clipart 18

Animated Country Flags Clipart 19

Animated Country Flags Clipart 20

Animated Country Flags Clipart 21

Animated Country Flags Clipart 22

Animated Country Flags Clipart 23

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