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White House Flags For Sale

White House Flags For Sale- Popular American Flags For Decoration

When you are looking for White House flags for sale, you are basically looking for the American flag that is flown atop the White House.

There has, infact being, a lot of myth regarding the flag code being followed in the White House. It was initially thought that the American flag is flown in White House only when the President is there in the district.

In his absence the flag code forbids the flying of the flag on the White House. But late this entire myth was rejected and it was found out that the flag is flown 24 hours a day on White House. Infact, it is mandatory for the flag to be flying atop White House all throughout.

All the different online stores like 3DFlags.com that are offering various USA flags for sale will be offering this popular American White House flags for sale too. This flag can be used at various occasions but the flag code needs to be followed properly for this national flag.

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