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What Stripes of American Flag Symbolize

Bravery or subtle Irony - What Stripes of American Flag Symbolize

The U.S. flag has a fascinating history due to its many changes as time passed.

June 14, 1777, the congress decided that the flag should have thirteen stars representing the thirteen initial united colonies. However, the stripes have a deeper meaning than that when they come related to their colours as well: red and white.

There are many flags in the world, but what is important to notice is that many of them have the red colour included on the textile. However, when taking a historically look at them and their symbols, it is remarkable to notice that red was mainly a symbol for the United Kingdom. So what do the 7 red colour stripes alternated with the 6 white stripes symbolize in the United States flag?

Some people argue that the colours of the U.S. flag stripes have no particular meaning. However, there is another popular idea regarding the red and white stripes: while the red stripes symbolize the power of the United Kingdom, the white stripes are ‘cutting’ through the power of the great British Empire and proclaim liberty and freedom.

The white colour is internationally known as being the colour that symbolizes freedom. Even in wars the white flags meant freedom and end of war.

flag of united states

Another theory sustained by many American citizens is that the thirteen red and white stripes symbolize the struggle of the United States to have liberty, even if that meant blood shed (red colour being symbol of blood and white symbol of liberty, purity and freedom).

What stripes of American Flag symbolize? They symbolize much more than can be said in words: they symbolize the courage of people that never gave up hope, the power of people from thirteen colonies that knew that as ‘United States’ they can be stronger and achieve the freedom they waited for so long. Also, the thirteen stripes seem to be like the sun rays that give warmth and life to the earth, the dimension when the earth and the Universe communicate and create life, a free life blessed by the nature power.

So next time when you hear the question ‘What Stripes of American Flag Symbolize’ take some time before you answer it and think about what they really symbolize for you, for your country.

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