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What Does the American Flag Symbolize

The fascinating truth regarding what does the American Flag symbolize

A curious lovely seven years old child asked once his grandmother about the American Flag why does it looks so, what is its meaning, and why people treat it respectfully.

That day, the kid learned a history lesson that he has never forgotten: a lesson about worldwide flags and especially its national flag. Why does the national flag look in this way nowadays? What does the American Flag symbolize? Not only children ask such questions, many adults are eager to learn more about the beauty of the American Flag as well.

Actually the first question that can cross through a person’s mind is maybe about the purpose of a flag. Why does every country have a flag? That is rather simple. Flags are nonverbal symbols of a state. In case of war soldiers could figure out in this way who is the enemy and who is ally. At international meetings the flags also stand as ‘ambassadors’ for the countries that take part to those meetings.

US flag

National flags (including the U.S flag) didn’t have always this particular design. Throughout the past centuries, there have been flags with other designs or colours that represented a particular country. The colours of the United States flag were basically the same from beginning. However, the design has changed as time passed. For example, there haven’t always been fifty stars in the U.S flag design.

The flag’s stars represented the states that united and formed this nation. In the beginning, there have been only thirteen stars. After other states joined to form the United States, more and more stars have been added until they reached the number of 50. Hawaii was the last state that had its star added on the U.S flag. What do the stars of the flag symbolize besides the states? They symbolize the Universe, the unending space and the ultimate purpose of a person.

The thirteen stripes of the national flag of America stand for the first thirteen colonies that united. When thinking about a metaphorical significance of the U.S. flag, it stands for the entire history of the United States: the red stripes stand for the war for liberty and the blood of the martyrs that sacrificed their life for this goal.

White stripes stand for freedom and liberty and blue stands for justice. To sum with, the history of the United States ‘written’ on its flag is about people that fought for freedom even if there have been sacrifices, states that got united in order to be stronger together, a nation that learned equality in diversity.

Next time when you think about what does the American Flag symbolize, don’t forget one thing: it symbolizes you, the citizen of United States.

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