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Wallpapers of a Rebel Flag

Display Wallpapers of a Rebel Flag

The Rebel Flags have been flown during the Civil War by many states in the south.

The first flag to fly was the Bonnie Blue flag, followed by the Stars and Bars, which is the first original flag officially. The Bonnie Blue was never adopted as the "Stars and Bars" was from March of 1861 to May 1863.

The flag resembled the Union's Stars and Stripes to much so another flag was sought. The commonly known Rebel Flag is the Confederate Battle Flag. At times, the flag was confused as a sign of truce because when the air was still, all you could see was the white of the flag.

Most people remember the Rebel Flag as it was used on the "Dukes of Hazzard." The one state that has kept the Rebel Flag as a state flag is Mississippi. Other states used the flag on their state flags, but opted for their own original design for a state flag without the Rebel Flag design.

Printable Rebel Flag Image Bonnie Blue Rebel Flag Image Stailness Banner Rebel Flag Image
Rebel Flag Picture Bonnie Blue Rebel Stailness Banner
Stars and Bar Rebel Flag Image Last Confederate Flag Image
Stars and Bar Rebel Last Confeder Flag

The Rebel Flag has a red background with a blue cross reaching from corner to corner with stars within the blue cross. There is a star in the middle where the bars cross and three stars from the center to the end on each cross bar.

The Rebel Flag is used every day for one reason or another. Many people have the flag as a display on clothing. As mentioned, it is on the top of the car from the "Dukes of Hazzard" General Lee. Many people hang it in their homes, some people will fly it on the staff with the National, and state flags.

The printable flags are good for research papers and for teaching about the flags history. The flag can be used in many different ways, but should not be disrespected.

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