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Wallpapers of a Rebel Flag

Top captivating wallpapers of a Rebel Flag

There is always something exciting about being rebel or a rebel flag.

The adolescents are known for loving everything what is rebel and making out of it the most important goal of their youth. The haircuts, hair color, room design, posters, clothing, music, everything has something rebel in their lives. But not only adolescents are attracted to being rebel. At a certain point even grown ups make decisions to be rebel. There were times in history when the only way to change politics in a country was by starting a rebellion.

Every group of rebels had a flag and these flags remained popular even nowadays. Letís take the pirates for example: their black and white skull flag is further on loved by many persons (especially kids) and stands for adventure and courage. Probably the most popular rebel flag is actually the Rebel Flag used as symbol for the Southern states that started leaving the Union.

There have been initially three flags of the rebels of the southern American states: the Bonnie Blue, who was never adopted by the Confederation, but was loved by the people, the official Stars and Bars Flag which unfortunately looked too much like the Unionís Flag, the Stainless Banner who was often mistaken for a truce flag and finally the Confederate Flag which remained the most popular flag, mainly because of Dukes of Hazzard, the popular American TV show.

Having a real rebel flag is most probably out of fashion, but wallpapers of a rebel flag are definitely on. The Rebel Flag was not adopted by other states by the end of the war besides Mississippi which actually made this flag the state flag. Flags always cheer up persons, mainly because they communicate the desire of the human beings for personal freedom and rights.

A person once told me that flags are the ultimate proofs of the human egocentrism and the existence of flags is nothing more than the sign that there are a bunch of people that wish for the same thing in an egocentric way. But this couldnít be right because the existence of flags only shows that from time to time it is needed to stand for what you think it is right and good for the society, yourself, and that the persons who have the power use it for wrong purposes.

If you have a passion for flags and want wallpapers of a rebel flag or any other kind of flags, you can find on this web site all possible flags wallpapers.

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