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US Flag Etiquette

Learn the US Flag etiquettes and respect your country.

Etiquette is quite important any given field. Whether you are in school or in office or it is the question of country’s pride and esteem.

These are the exact words my father told me when I was in school. The reason for such an advice was simple. I remember of being a very naughty child and most of my teachers used to be upset because of my behavior in school and my attitude towards the fellow classmates never used to be at its best.

Finally one day, they scolded me a lot and called my father and mother and warned them that if I fail to change my behavior and if I do not learn etiquette, they will be bound to rusticate me from the school. My dad drove back to home with me and my mom. They did not say a single word and later at night we had a silent dinner. I went off to sleep. Suddenly I woke up at the middle of the night because I could feel someone’s hand on my forehead.

I sat up and found my father sitting beside me and tears rolled down his eyes. I felt sad and said sorry. It was then that he told me those words. That was the turning point of my life and he taught me some important lessons in my life. He told me about the general etiquette and the US Flag etiquette.

He taught me the general conditions attached to the usage of the flag and also the rules related to displaying, lowering and raising the flag. That was not only an interesting lesson but also it brought out the love I had for my country.

My dad taught me that the flag was not supposed to be dipped in front of anything or person. The only situation where the flag is flown in an upside down position is a distress signal. He further taught me that the flag can never be used as drapery. I came to know that for the purpose of covering desks or draping platforms, buntings of blue, red and white are available and that the blue stripes of the bunting needs to be placed on the top.

The most important thing was that the flag should not be used for the purpose of advertisement and also, the flag should not be embroidered or printed on things, which will be discarded after temporary use. Such things include handkerchief, cushion covers etc. Another important US Flag etiquette that was taught by my dad was that the flag could not be used in costume or athletic uniform. However, a patch of the flag is allowed to be used on the uniform of members belonging to patriotic organizations like firemen, military, police etc.

Any mark, letter, number, word etc can never be placed on the flag. Also that final thing that needs to be bore in mind is that the flag should not be used as a receptacle for carrying, holding, receiving or delivering anything. These were not the only lessons taught to me by my father. He also told me a lot about how to display the flags. I never knew that the union was supposed to be at the peak of the staff (provided the flag is not at half staff) in case the flag is displayed from a balcony, window or a building with a with a projected staff.

There are other US Flag etiquette laid down by the law so that the honor of the flag is not harmed under any given circumstance. Also, it is important that the flag must be raised briskly and also not to forget, it should be lowered ceremoniously and slowly.

These information given by my dad and the words he spoke that night were enough to change my life and to be honest, they defined my future, which is nothing but my present!

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