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Union Civil War Flag

Union Civil War Flag: The building block of USA

Civil War of America is one of the most important wars that took place in history.

Quite fascinated by this war, I decided to learn more about the flag and my uncle was the person who actually helped me out with my quest. I learned a lot about the Confederate flag and now it was the turn of the Civil War Flag.

Uncle told me that the Union Civil War Flag changed from time to time and finally took the shape of the US national flag which is used in the recent times. The Union flag during the Civil war did not have any particular arrangement of the stars.

Initial the North Union flag during Civil War had 33 stars in the union and had 13 red stripes but on January 29, 1861, one star was added and the 34 star flag became the official one to be used for USA. When West Virginia seceded from the Confederacy and joined the Union of June 19, 1863, another star was added and later in October 31, 1864 when Nevada joined the Union, 36 stars flag became the official flag of USA. There were further changes made to the flag.

In spite of the fact that the Civil War ended in 1865, the next major amendment that took place was inclusion of Nebraska in the year 1867 and the official flag now had 37 stars along with 13 red and white stripes. A decade later, 38 stars were added with Colorado joining the Union. These changes kept on coming and finally the US official flag now has 50 stars on it.

Uncles also mentioned about the revolutionary war flags which were in use in USA before the breakout of the Civil War. The most notable among them were the Bedford Flag, Betsy Ross or "First Stars & Stripes", Bennington or "Vermont" flag, Bunker Hill flag, Culpeper flag and the Cowpens or "Third Maryland Regiment".

He also enlightened me with the history of each flag. It was altogether a wonder journey in the history of USA.

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