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Uncommon Flag Poles

What are Some Uncommon Flag Poles?

When most of us hear the words flag poles we think of tall wood or metal rods and sometimes fiberglass, that is used when someone wants to display the flag.

One of the most uncommon flag poles I’ve ever seen is the one on top of the Australian Parliament building. It has four legs and is braced near the top of the pole. This is truly unique.

Some folks run strings of lights from the top of the pole and fan them out at the bottom to create the shape of a Christmas tree.

Most flag poles range somewhere between twenty and forty feet. Some are shorter and some are higher.

What are some uncommon flag poles? I think the world’s five tallest flag poles are truly uncommon flag poles. While Brazil has claimed to have the world’s tallest flag pole, it is only the fifth tallest at a mere 100 meters tall.

The next tallest flagpole is located in the Union Arab Emirate (UAE) and is 123 meters. The world’s third tallest flag pole is located at the Raghadan Palace and it is 128.8 meters. Next is the Ashgabat flagpole at 133 meters and it is located in Turkmenistan. In first place is the 160 meter flag pole located in Panmunjeon North Korea and can fly a flag weighing 270kg (594 pounds).

Another type of flag pole that some consider unusual is the spinning pole, which rotates in the wind, which prevents the flag from getting tangled around the pole. Also there is a pole that allows you to raise and lower the flag with the use of a spring release button. It can fly two flags at one time.Some people consider motorcycle, car and RV flags as unusual as well as under the car tire flag poles and sectional (telescoping) flag poles.

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