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Tailgating Flag Poles

Tailgating flag poles are easy to use

If you enjoy tailgating in the stadium parking lot and watching the game with friends while barbecuing, you may want to get a tailgating flag pole and fly the team logo.

You can get a wheel stand flag pole this is a flag pole with a rectangular metal base that you roll a while on the base and your tailgating flag pole is ready for a flag pole.

There is also a ground mount with a coiled spike that goes on the ground. There is a tube or sleeve that the flag pole can be placed into the ground sleeve. These flag poles are 16, 20 or 28 feet tall.

The 28 foot pole can be broken down to nine sections that telescope down into 56 inches for easier storage and transportation.

A twenty foot pole can be gotten in aluminum and collapsed down to 44 inches and the sixteen foot one can be stores in about 51 inches of space. Often you can buy a carrying case for storage.

Your tailgating flag can represent your favorite college and or pro football, basketball, soccer or baseball teams. Around here college and pro football is almost a religion. Tailgating team flags are everywhere, and most tailgating folks are barbecuing while watching the game on portable TVs.

Tailgating flag poles are easy to use. Just fit the pieces together and insert the pole in the ground spike or wheel stand and the party is on.

My friend and her husband love NASCAR racing and they tailgate with friends who all enjoy travelling to the races.

You can tailgate at some high school and college games and even at many professional sporting events.

You can buy tailgating flag poles on line and at some flag stores. Purchase your team flags at local sporting goods stores and on line in most cases.

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