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Symbolism of United States Flag

Learning about the symbolism of United States Flag and flag-related stories

The most popular symbol of the United States is the national American flag.

At first glance, two things can be noticed about the U.S. flag: the colours and the stars. Which is the story that hides behind these colour stripes and stars? In order to find out correctly about the symbolism of United States flag, we must make a journey back in time.

The U.S. flag didnít always look as it looks nowadays. For example, the flag adopted after 1777 had thirteen red and white stripes, but in the blue field were only thirteen stars that formed a constellation. Nowadays the United States of America have a 50-stars flag with thirteen stripes.

The national flag stands as a witness of the American democracy, liberty and somehow has mythical connotations in the national imagination as well.

United states flag

There is a well known story about Bets Ross, an old widow: according to the national belief she was the person that firstly sewed the national flag back in 1776. When George Washington and his two trusted persons showed Betsy a rough design of the U.S. flag with the six-point stars included in the design, Betsy demonstrated how it is possible to cut a five-pointed star in a single snip.

Impressed, general Washington and the committee entrusted old Betsy Ross to sew the first flag. It canít be known whether that is true or not, but the fact that there are stories about the national flag shows how deep the national feeling is in the heart of many American citizens. It is fascinating to find out about the symbols of the U.S flag.

According to a national authorized writer, the colours and stripes didnít have initially a meaning, but they soon became worldwide known symbols: white for innocence and purity, red for hard work and honour and blue for justice and perseverance. Besides being a symbol for the 50 American states, the 50 white stars of the national flag mirror the heavens, and the divine goal known from ancient times.

Also, the white and red stripes stand for the sunrays that surround the world with their heat and vital power. The flag is what defines us as nation and knowing its symbols make us to be prouder and more respectful to our country.

Knowing about the symbolism of United States flag enriches your cultural experience, whether you are citizen of the United States of America or not.

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