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Meaning of North Korea Flag

Symbolism and Meaning of North Korea Flag

The flag of North Korea, like just about any other national flag, has symbolic meaning to the people.

Also all symbols and colors also have meaning.

North Korea’s flag is composed of a blue stripe on the top and bottom of the flag.

In the center is a red stripe with a narrow white band across the top and bottom. On the hoist (left) side of the flag is a white disk with a red star in the center of the disk.

flag of north korea

At one time South Korea had a yin-yang symbol on their flag but after independence from Japan it was similar to the South Korea flag, but was dropped in favor of a flag that looked more like the USSR’s flag.

Red stands for the principles of revolt, communism, and revolutionary patriotism. Blue is symbolic of sovereignty, peace and friendship.

White is a traditional color for Korea and stands for the purity and culture of the North Korean people. The white circle is linked to the yin yang symbol of Korea before the separation into two nations. The red star is the symbol of Communist philosophy of the nation.

An interesting point is that the Korean War was never ended by a treaty and so theoretically that war is not over.

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