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Solar Flag Pole Lights

Why use solar flag pole lights

The United States flag code allows for flying the American flag 24-7 if it is illuminated between dusk and dawn.

This can be accomplished by the use of flag pole lights. You can use electric powered lights for your flag. However you will likely have to have them installed by a professional electrician and you will see an increase in your electric bill.

You may want to look into solar flag pole lights. You may ask: “Why use solar flag pole lights?”

While the initial expenditure may cost more than incandescent lighting, solar lights once installed will cost you nothing with the exception or replacing the self charging batteries every year or two.

You can mount a solar light on the top of the flag pole and aim it down. There are also solar flag lights that can be clamped to the pole and focused on the flag. The most common use of solar lights for your flag is to place the light or lights on the ground and aim them at the flag. Another possible way of lighting up the flag is to use a wall mounted solar lamp focused on the flag.

Solar lights are very reliable because most use super bright LED’s because they don’t use a lot of energy and tend to have a long service life. You may like your flag pole lights so much that you will want to install solar security lights.

Many people are now using solar lights for accent lighting, spot lights and for lining their driveways and walkways, since they discovered how economical solar power is for flag pole lighting.

In addition to accenting her flag pole my friend has installed solar lights in her pool area and also uses it to call attention to the sign for her dog grooming and training business.

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