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Solar Flag Pole Lighting

Solar flag pole lighting saves money

There are a few ways that you can use solar flag pole lighting.

There are solar lamps that you can clamp onto the flag pole, a solar light can replace the finial (ball or eagle) and shine down on the flag and the most common way to illuminate the flag is to place a solar light or lights on the ground angled to shine on the flag. Another light placement is to wall mount it.

You will likely pay more for your solar lights than you would for a traditional flag pole light. However solar flag pole lighting saves money since it doesnít increase your electric bill.

Most solar lights include a self charging battery that only needs to be replaced every one to two years. You donít have to pay for installation. When you set up your solar lights make sure the collector panel is in direct sunlight so that the lights can be powered even on overcast days. Some people install a back up electric powered flag pole lighting system in case there is a prolonged period of cloudy days. They donít understand how the solar panels can store energy.

The only real maintenance is to clean the panels periodically and to wipe off the face of the solar lights once in a while.

Did you know that if you choose to fly a second flag such as your state flag or the POW flag, the American flag must be above any other flag flown on the pole. If there are a number of flags, each on a separate pole, the American flag must be on the extreme right. No other flag may be placed to the right of or higher than the US flag.

There is something special about seeing the American flag illuminated against a dark sky by solar lights.

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