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Rotating Flag Pole

A flag got tangled around the pole

Almost everyone who has ever flown a flag has either experienced or seen a flag that got tangled around the end of a flag pole.

There is a wall mount kit that has two sets of ball bearings which rotates the pole on a windy day and prevents the flag from wrapping itself around the pole and getting tangled into a knot.

There is a pin that sits in the bracket and extends out. The flag pole is put over the pin which rotates and actually does prevent the flag from twisting around the pole.

It is possible to purchase a kit to build your own rotating flag pole which seems interesting but isnít something Iíd attempt and besides if you mess it up you have no recourse to get your money back. However if you are good with tools, go for it.

You can buy a rotating shaft for ground mounted flag poles which will prevent the flag from wrapping itself around the pole by rotating the top section of the pole to keep the flag tangle free, after all it would be an almost impossible feat to get a ladder and untangle a flag. The pivoting rings are rust resistant and the system should last for years.

You can also buy a rotating portable flag to take with you on a camping trip or tailgating party at the big game. With some flag pole providers you can order parts to make repairs to your rotating flag pole. However they canít be sure that although some folks have purchased flag pole parts from companies other than where they got the pole no company will guarantee that their parts will work with a different companyís pole.

Rotating flag poles are great for homeowners who have wall mounted flag poles or ground set ones. Many businesses that fly the flag every day are also purchasing rotating poles.

Before I bought my pole I was constantly trying to untangle my flag without damaging it.

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