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Revolutionary Flags

Revolutionary Flags Just for You

If you are looking for revolutionary flags, you will find different sizes that can used for almost anything that you could think about.

You can use them for school projects, window displays and glue them to magnets to stick on any metal surface. There are many uses for the flags.

You could download the picture and use it as a pattern to make your own cloth flag. If you have a project and need a revolutionary flag, you will find that they are easy to download and use. The colors of the flag are what tells the story behind the design of the flag.

The different revolutionary flags include the British Red Ensign, Green Mountain Boys Flag, Guilford Courthouse Flag and the Rhode Island Regiment. Other flags are the Fort Moultrie Flag, Gadsden Flags, Grand Union or Continental Flag 1775, Bunker Hill Flag, Continental Flag, Culpeper Flag and the 1st Navy Jack, Bennington and Betsy Ross Flag.

Although the basic color in each flag is white blue and red, some do not have the color blue or red, but white does show in every flag.

The revolutionary flag was first established in 1775 during the American Revolution. The Continental Flag with the words, "Don't tread on me" with a rattlesnake were used as a jack, but it is not known if the Navy used this particular flag during the Revolutionary

War, but it was used during the War of Independence. The flag that was used by the Navy in later years over the Union Jack flag. It is now the flag you see flown today and should say the same for the next few years or centuries. These flags represent so much change over the years. You can find any of the revolutionary flags to download and print to use any way that you want.

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