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Rebel Flag Tattoos

Rebel Flag Tattoos: A dual meaning to be explored.

I always had interest in tattoos but my brother never had any interest in body tattoos.

But one day, I found almost half of his body covered with tattoos. Most of them were flag tattoos! I wondered about them and finally decided to ask him about the tattoos and the actual meaning hidden in them.

This, I never knew would turn into a different kind of discussion. The difference was so marked and prominent that my father and my mother joined the discussion and it continued till late night until we were all satisfied to get answers to all our questions.

We began with the tattoos in general but finally we ended up with the discussion on Rebel Flag Tattoos. The discussion was no doubt interesting and I discovered that my sibling knew a lot about the American history. We were all surprised but happy at the same time.

He told me that the Rebel Flag Tattoos are also known as the Southern Cross Tattoos or the Confederate Flag Tattoos. The next thing he said was a surprise for me. The exact words he said were: "These tattoos have dual meaning embedded in them and they need to be used very cautiously since, they can bring respect and a feeling of hatred for the person using those tattoos."

I was wondering about whatever he said and turning my eyes to my parents, I found that they were also surprised by his words. These were not at all normal words and I could make that out because the tone of my brother changed when he said this. He also lowered his voice.

Moving ahead, he explained that the Confederate Flag is viewed as a symbol of pride and glorious history of the past by some people but at the same time, it is also a symbol outright racism and signifies slavery. This is, as a matter of fact, a reason for hatred and there is always an anti-group who never look into the symbol as a matter of pride and glory. He further explained that those people who use this Confederate Flag tattoos, look at the Confederate Flag as a symbol of rights for the Southern States. For them, the flag is equivalent to the American Flag. He also explained that there were certain extremely severe issues, which hovered around the Confederate Flag leading to a massive loss of human life during the 1860’s and the later years. There were huge unrest during that era and the major causes were the battles over serfdom and slavery and the Civil War.

We were all left perplexed by the knowledge he had. He went deep in the history and then suddenly turned to the tattoos without a single missing link and said that a person who is willing to get a Southern Cross tattoo in a visible place must keep the history in mind and must be ready to face criticism and other problems. Speaking solely about the Confederate Flag tattoos, he informed us that the design of the tattoo is taken from Crux Australis-a constellation, which is visible only from the Sothern Hemisphere.

He informed us that the Rebel Flag Tattoos are quite simple in design but they can also have a great deal of embellishment. Of the most common designs, the pattern of crossbones and a skull over the top of the flag or the word rebel imprinted near the flag.

A bald eagle flying over the top of the flag or across it depicts a more patriotic tattoo. For something more inclined to racism, the tattoo can have the image of a nose with the words “Southern Justice” imprinted. The popularity of these tattoos is widespread among the bikers. This was a great piece of information he gave to us!

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