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Rebel flag design tattoos

Rebel flag design tattoos - way to be a patriot.

Just like one day my brother surprised me and also mu family with the Rebel flag design tattoos all over his body, my very close friend gave me a surprise for the life.

He is a great mathematician and was the best student in our class but history was a subject that used to haunt him and he used to have nightmares because of the subject.

I remember that it was his birthday and just the day before that; he said that he has a new birthday resolution in place and will disclose the same the next day. Truly speaking, I never expected something like this.

We went to his place for a celebration when he suddenly exposed his shoulder to show us the Rebel flag tattoos. He left us mum for some time and then said that one day while he was busy with his research in the library, he met an old person who was old enough not to be able to see properly and asked him to pull down a book from the shelf and it was about the confederate flag.

My friend was really surprised and asked him about the Rebel flag out of newly born curiosity. The old man smiled and said him all about the flag and the controversy attached around the flag. He was moved by the story and decided to bring a change in his attitude towards history and the Rebel flag tattoos on his shoulder are nothing but mere tributes to those who sacrificed a lot for the country.

He also added that the design of the Rebel flag tattoos is taken from Crux Australis-a constellation, which is visible only from the Sothern Hemisphere. He informed us that the Rebel Flag Tattoos are quite simple in

design but they can also have a great deal of embellishment. He mentioned about the sites like arebelflag.net, tattoojohnny.com and vanishingtattoo.com etc. and encouraged us to get tattoos for ourselves.

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