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Printable Argentine Flag

Download Free Printable Argentine Flag

The Argentine Flag is divided into three horizontal stripes with light blue on the bottom and on the top with a white strip in the middle.

The sun face in the center of the flag in the white stripe area is the Sun of May. The white color represents honesty and peace. The blue represents justice, perseverance, loyalty, truth and vigilance. The blue compliments the yellow sun in the sky.

The Sun of May was created when looking at the sky General Belgrano saw the sun right before the Battle of Parana. The etiquette of the flag is flowed very closely. It is a replica of the 1913 Argentina coin. The value of the that coin was one dollar in Spanish money. The sun has sixteen waved sunbeams and sixteen straight sunbeams for a total of thirty-two sunbeams. In 1978, the color golden yellow was designated as the color for the Sun of May.

The National Flag is always at the top of the flagpole, flowed by the state flag, military flag and then any other flag.

The flag cannot be flown on the same flagpole with another national flag. The flag is not to drag on the ground and must be flown with the sun face in the right direction. The flag is burnt in private when it is no longer suitable to be flown. The only time that the flag is flown with the sun face upside down is in a time of distress.

The flag colors have existed since 1812, but the Sun of May was not added until 1818. The flags without the sun face are considered Ornamental flags and both are considered national flags. The flag without the sun face, must be flown below the Sun of May flag if the two are flown together.

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