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Printable Antiguan and Barbuda Flag

Download Printable Antiguan and Barbuda Flag

The Antiguan and Barbuda Flag was adopted in 1967.

The flag was designed by Sir Reginald Samuel, a well known sculptor and artist as well as a school teacher. The rising sun in the black coloring of the flag represents a new era. The black represents the African people and ancestries.

The blue represents hops and red represents energy. The white, blue and gold from the sun down represent sand, sea and sun. The blue is also said to represent the Caribbean Sea while the V-shape stands for victory. The flag was chosen from six hundred entries in 1966.

The National Flag is always at the top of the flagpole, flowed by the state flag, military flag and then any other flag. The flag cannot be flown on the same flagpole with another national flag.

The flag is not to drag on the ground and must be flown with the triangle facing in the right direction, which is down. The flag is burnt in private when it is no longer suitable to be flown. The only time that the flag is flown with the triangle upside down is in a time of distress.

The National flag is flown both on land and at sea. The flag was originally designed as a land flag in 1967, but was introduced to maritime in 1981. This was the year the Barbuda and Antigua gained independence.

The flag's sun is actually gold and not yellow as some think. The government sent an order of flags back to the manufacturer in 2003 because they used yellow instead golden or gold coloring for the sun.

Samuel, the designer of the flag received five hundred dollars for his design of the flag as it flies today. The seven full points of the sun were adopted in 1994. Before that, the sun had many points and was never defined.

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