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Printable Andorran Flag

Printable Andorran Flag - Learn and print

The Andorran Flag has a coat of arms in the center yellow color of the flag.

The flag has three vertical colors of yellow, red and blue. The coat of arms is red, gold and yellow. In 1971, the flag of Andorran was adopted. The yellow middle color is slightly wider than the two outside colors of blue and red.

The coat of arms means strength united is stronger or united virtue is stronger. The flag is similar to flags of other country flags, except the Andorran flag is the only one with a slightly larger yellow stripe.

The National Flag is always at the top of the flagpole, flowed by the state flag, military flag and then any other flag. The flag cannot be flown on the same flagpole with another national flag. The flag is not to drag on the ground and must be flown with the coat of arms in the right direction. The flag is burnt in private when it is no longer suitable to be flown. The only time that the flag is flown with the coat of arms upside down is in a time of distress.

The flag of Andorran in 1934 had a red, blue and red horizontal striped pattern with a gold crown in the center yellow stripe. From 1806 to 1866, the flag was two vertical colors of red and yellow. Although the flag change a few times, the original flag is now flown. The coat of arms represents the Quarterly I Gules (for La Seu d'Urgell), three pales Gules (for Foix), four pallets Gules (the crown of Aragon) and two cows (for Bearn). The writing on the coat of arms is a Latin motto.

The Andorran Flag is flown on top the government buildings, any presidential building, and the residence.

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