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Printable Algerian Flag

Printable Algerian Flag is Here for You

The Algerian Flag has two vertical colors of white and green with a crescent and star in red in the center.

The white is for peace and the green is for beauty in nature. The red represents the blood of those that were killed when fighting for the independence of the country. The crescent and star represents the Islam.

The flag you see today was adopted in 1962. This flag is flown by the Algerian ships, but the navy ships fly the national flag which has a naval ensign with crossed anchors in the upper left hand corner.

The flag is said to be a variation of the military liberation forces ruled by Abd el-Kader from 1837 to 1847. However, no one has ever found any documentation to this fact. The flag has a set of rules of etiquette that must be followed. The flag can never be flown on the same pole with another national flag.

The flag can never be touching the ground and if the flag becomes tattered, it should be replaced. The flag should be burned in private with respect. Care of the Algerian Flag is enforced by all. It is inappropriate to display the flag out of disrespect.

Some ways of displaying the flag to symbolize something is appropriate. The flag is flown upside down as a distress signal. When the flag is hoisted, it is done fast, but as it is lowered, it is done slowly. If the flag is flown at half mass, it must be raised to the top of the pole and then lowered to half mass.

It is vital that anyone in charge of the flag shows respect and displays it as etiquette states. The flag is flown every day, lowered at night and placed in safekeeping until the next day.

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