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Printable Albanian Flag

The Albanian flag is red with a two head black eagle in the center.

It is said that the eagle guides and watches over the king. The flag you see today was adopted in 1992. The eagle as the coat of arms was adopted in 1993. It is possible to see some flags with a helmet above the eagle head.

Before the current flag was adopted, Albania had a flag had a yellow border around a red star in the middle. That flag was used when the country was taken over by Communalism back in 1946. The flag represents freedom from the communist in 1992.

The flag has changed twelve times since 1012. The flag was a darker off red color with an eagle and a white star above the eagle heads. The flag has had yellow borders and other coat of arms displayed.

The color red changed on the flag in 1934. The history of the flag represents the Provisional Government, Principality, Republic, Kingdom and Kingdom under Italy. It also represented Democratic, and Albania under Nazi Germany. The former flag of 1939 to 1943 had a crown, which represented the House of Savoy.

History explains the eagle as flying above a young lad with a snake in its beak. History then says that the boy followed the eagle to her nest, where he saw the snake lying with the young eaglet. The snake was alive and the boy killed it with his bow and arrow.

He took the baby eagle with him as he started home until he heard the mother screeching above him in the sky. The eagle asked the boy to give back your baby and he would be rewarded.

As the boy grew and the eaglet became an adult, it would fly over the lad and protect him from evil. Although this is said to be a myth, it gives validation to the flag coat of arms.

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