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Meaning of the American Flag

Meaning of the American Flag: An US perspective of the American
national flag

My interest about flags has grown since my childhood.

Thanks to my parents and my teachers who taught me to respect not only the flag of my country but also to respect the flag of every single country in this world.

I had some weird questions in mind and whenever I failed to get answers to any of my questions, I used to ask my parents or my teachers. I remember of getting a good scolding from my mother as I pulled her out of her sleep just to ask the meaning of the colors used in the American flag.

This made me sad and I left the room. My father noticed everything and he came to my room silently, took me into his arms, and said that he was proud of me because I asked a lovely question, which hardly anyone asks.

He took me to the study room and explained the meaning and the significance of the colors used in the flag. He also told me about the history of the flag and its evolution and existence over time. One interesting thing that I learned is that the flag can have different meaning for different people. The symbols do not have any static or framed meaning.

flag of united states

Learning about meaning of the American flag, I learned that the US flag is also known by t he nick names "Old Glory" or "Star and Stripes". With my father teaching me the flag color meanings, I learned that the red color signifies how the great men and women of the nation fought for the freedom of the nation while the white color stand for peace and purity.

The red color one hand symbolizes life, blood, valor, enthusiasm and courage and on the other hand the blue and the white color stands for vigilance, justice, respect for God and perseverance. While my father was teaching me about the meaning of the American flag and the meaning of the colors, I asked yet another question, which was to my surprise, answered by my mother who came and joined us after sometime and even she was moved by my questions.

She said that the thirteen red and white stripes of the flag stand for the thirteen colonies, which stood up and revolted against the British government for win their own freedom. She further told that the 50 stars in the blue rectangle above the red and white stripes stand for the 50 US states.

Truly speaking, the American flag has different meanings for different people. This is simply because; a symbol can be defined in a way a person likes. For example, the meaning of the American flag can be different to a soldier and a historian.

For a soldier, the flag stands for freedom and liberty. It signifies the sacrifice that men and women of the country gave in order to win their freedom. In case you turn out to be a politician, the US flag will stand as a symbol of justice. For a historian or a patriot, it can be the enduring values of equality and a reflection of human rights.

Truly, the flags meaning can vary from person to person. Irrespective to what you are and how you define the national flag, the most important thing is that you respect the flag because it signifies the integrity and the history of the country. It also represents the cultural and political background of the country and above all, it represents the pride of the country.

It therefore becomes our responsibility to respect this flag in every possible way and use it with a purpose that never harms the pride of the country!

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