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Meaning of Fiji Flag

Learn about the Meaning of Fijian Flag

The flag of Fiji has a light blue field with the British Union Jack in the upper left corner and there is a shield on the right.

There is a red band across the top on the band is a lion holding a peeled coconut. The remainder of the shield is quartered by a St. George Cross.

There are three sugar canes and a coconut palm in the two top sections on the shield. A dove with an olive branch and a bunch of bananas are in the two bottom quarters.

flag of fiji

The Union Jack and St. George Cross represent the close connection with Britain. The light blue is symbolic of the Pacific Ocean. The dove is a symbol of peace. The sugar cane, bananas and coconut represent the rich lush land and its agricultural production.

Would you like to know a really interesting bit of trivia about this flag? There was a contest to choose a new national flag when independence was being granted. There were two entries that were exactly the same and there was no collaboration! The winners were a Mrs. Tessa Mac Kenzie and Mr. Rovi Wilcock.

The flag was adopted on 30 September 1980 and was first flown on Independence Day 10 October 1970.

Since this was an amicable separation from Britain, the British flag was lowered for the last time at midnight on 10 October 1970 with due respect and the new Fijian flag was raised later in the day. This was done to avoid disrespect of the British flag since the lowering at night was normal.

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