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Meaning of Ethiopia Flag

Learn Here about Meaning of Ethiopian Flag

Unlike many other nations, there haven’t been a lot of versions of the Ethiopian flag.

The horizontal tricolor of green, yellow and red goes back to the 1800’s. Ethiopia took pennants of green, yellow and red on one pole or spear into battle with the Italians.

Did you know that Ethiopia, one of the oldest countries in the world, has “no history of colonization” and has one of the youngest flags since Ethiopia didn’t officially adopt the tricolor with the symbol until 6 February 1996.

flag of ethiopia

One explanation of the colors with the coat of arms goes like this: red for power, yellow the church, peace, natural wealth and love, green the land and hope.

The coat of arms: the star is for the unity of the people, the disk peace, the prosperity for all ethnicities, races, religions and gender. Blue background is for peace and democracy. The colors on the coat of arms are bright and rich.

There is another explanation of the colors. Red stands for power and blood. Yellow is for the church, peace and nation wealth and love.

Green symbolizes land and hope as pan-African colors. These are sometimes considered as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. The tricolor also represents the three main provinces of Ethiopia.

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