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Meaning of Estonia Flag

Learn about the Meaning of Estonia Flag

The flag of Estonia is composed of three horizontal stripes of blue, black and white.

The Estonian people have been through two periods of occupation by the Soviet army and one by the Germans. So is there any surprise that there are three different meanings for the flag colors?

No but we will still consider and discuss all of them. Perhaps those of us with no blood or ethnic ties to Estonia should have a lot of respect for a country that has survived so much.

Flag of Estonia

One theory of the meaning is that blue represents the sky above the native land, black is symbolic of attachment to homeland and white stands for hard work, purity, commitment to country and white sails.

Another theory about what the colors on this flag stand for is: Blue for faith, loyalty, devotion, sky and water, Black suffering, war and the jacket usually worn by the peasant class. White, this list appoints a lot of meaning to the color white.

For instance white represents the need for enlightenment in order to shake off oppression, virtue, hope and freedom are all important for the success of a nation. White is also symbolic of snow and the night sky lit up by the midnight sun.

Another set of meaning of Estonian flag colors are: blue the ancient heritage of freedom that has been fought for by generations of people, black the agony of lost freedom of those who give their lives so that freedom is regained, and white the bright future we all hope for.

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