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Meaning of Eritrea Flag

Learn More About The Meaning of Eritrea Flag

Have you ever looked at a flag and wondered why those particular colors and symbols were used?

We are going to look at the meaning of the Eritrea flag, its colors and symbols.

The flag has two equal sized horizontal stripes of green and blue. There is a red triangle, the base is against the hoist side of the flag and extends out to the fly (right side). There is a wreath of olive branches on the red triangle.

Green stands for the agriculture and livestock and the fertility of the land. Red is for the blood shed to attain independence, valor and bravery.

Flag of Eritrea

Yellow represents the mineral wealth of the nation. Blue is symbolic of the ocean and sky.

There are fourteen leaves on each side of the wreath. They replaced the star of the Eritrean Liberation People’s Front which was a movement to promote and achieve political freedom.

The red triangle shrinks from left to right. Eritrea has peace and blood is no longer being shed for freedom. The same colors were used in the 1897 flag of Ethiopia.

Like most other countries Eritrea has strict rules about when and where the flag can be flown, who may fly the flag, how the flag must be treated and what must be done with a torn or damaged flag.

Do you want to know how strict the laws governing respect for the flag of Eritrea are? Drivers who come upon a flag being hoisted must park their cars and get out. Pedestrians must stop and stand respectfully until the flag has been fully raised.

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