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Meaning of Equitorial Guinea Flag

Meaning of Equitorial Guinea Flag - What Equitorial Guinea Flag Represents

The Equitorial Guinea flag, like most flags, has meaning attached to the colors, symbols and even numbers of stars, crescents, stripes, etc.

The flag has three horizontal bars in a green, white, red pattern with a coat of arms on the white stripe. There is also a blue triangle with itís base on the hoist edge and the apex pointing to the fly.

The stars on the coat of arms represent the land and islands of the nation. The green in the flag is symbolic of the lush vegetation of the land.

Equitorial Guinea Flag

White is for peace among the different peoples. The tree is also a symbol of peace because it reminds us that a treaty was signed under one of these trees many years ago and provides a link to Spain.

In 1977 a different emblem was used but by 1979 due to public disapproval the original emblem was restored.

Would you like to know an interesting bit of information about Equitorial Guinea? This is on of the smallest nations in Africa and the only one in which Spanish is recognized as and official language.

The tricolor represents the effort to definitively link the different parts of the country. Red is symbolic of the struggle for peace. Blue represents the sea and sky.

What do you feel or think of when you see your national flag waving in the breeze? Some folks see a flag as a symbol of hope and freedom. Others see the same flag as a symbol of fear and oppression.

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