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Meaning of Dominican Republic Flag

Meaning of Dominican Republic Flag - What The Flag Represents

Would you be surprised to learn that the Dominican Republic was once controlled by Haiti?

Like just about all other flags, the colors and symbols pictured on the flag of the Dominican Republic have significance to the citizens.

A large white cross cuts the flag in quarters. The upper left and lower right are blue and the opposing corners are red.

o Blue: stands for liberty and the expansive sky.o Red: symbolizes the blood shed in the fight for independence.o White: of the cross is symbolic of the sacrifice, dedication and dignity of the people of the Dominican Republic.

Adopted on 6 November 1844 this is one of the oldest flags in the world. It has its roots in the Haitian flag of the 19th century.

Dominican Republic Flag graphic

The flag of the Dominican Republic is for the people a symbol of patriotism, liberty and national security.

The original design and approval from the Trintarians, a clandestine political organization which has thousands of cells of three persons. Each of those three recruited three more members. The group was responsible for the creation of the flag and foundation of the Dominican Republic.

Haiti rebelled and removed the white cross which they felt was a symbol of oppression and the white manís control.

The coat of arms/emblem has four Dominican flags on either side of the shield, there are olive and palm leaves around the shield and above it a banner that says God, Fatherland and Liberty which is held up by one of three spears one each side. Below are the words Dominican Republic.

The people of the Dominican Republic are proud of the fact that they have the oldest city in the new world, Santo Domingo, as well as the oldest university and the first cathedral.

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