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Meaning of Dominica Flag

Symbolism and Meaning of Dominica Flag

Dominica is also known as the Commonwealth of Dominica. The flag is one of the more attractive flags that exists.

The flag has a forest green field with three equal sized stripes vertically and horizontally.

There is a red circle in the middle where the stripes cross. In the circle is a Sisserou parrot facing the left (hoist) side of the flag. Surroundingthe parrot are ten green stars outlined in yellow.

The stars were a symbol of hope and of the ten parishes of Dominica. The parrot is symbolic of the flight to greater heights of fulfillment as to the aspirations of the people.

The three colored cross stands for the triune God of Christianity and belief in God. The yellow stripes represent the sunshine of our land, our main agricultural products, citrus and bananas and is also a symbol of the people. White stripes represent the clarity of the rivers and waterfalls as stated by an official Dominican announcement.

The black is said to stand for the African heritage of the people and the rich black soil which support the agriculture. The dark green background is symbolic of the rich verdant forests and the lush vegetation of the island. This version of the flag was adopted in 1988.

The earlier flag of 1978 was slightly different. The parrot at that time faced the right. The green stars had no yellow outline and the white and black stripes were in a reversed position in the yellow, white, black sequence.

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