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Meaning of Brazil Flag

Symbolism and Meaning of Brazil Flag

Have you ever wondered about the meanings of colors and or symbols on the flag of Brazil or any other nation?

Usually the flag depicts something of the founding nation and its values and goals.

The flag of Brazil has a green background with a large yellow diamond shape in the middle. There is a blue circle with white stars of different sizes. A white banner on the circle says “Ordem I progresso” (order and progress).

The colors green and yellow are meant to represent the royal Portuguese houses of Braganco and Hapsburg. The stars on the circle represent the sky over Rio de Janeiro on 15 November 1889 which was the date that the Republic of Brazil was declared.

Each Brazilian state and the Federal District. When the republic was founded there were 21 stars, now there are 27. Whenever a new state is created a star is added to the flag. The star that represents the federal district is Sigma Octavius is near the south celestial pole and can be seen in most parts of Brazil all year round.

There is another take on what the colors of the Brazilian flag might mean. Green represents the “Amazon Forest” and the “Atlantic Jungle”. The yellow rhombus is said to symbolize the countries gold reserves. Brazil at one time had the largest gold mines in the world. Between 1500 and 1900 more gold was mined in Brazil than previously existed in the whole world.

Brazilian Flag Picture

On 7 September 1922 Brazil declared its independence from Portugal. The country’s current national flag was adopted on 11 May 1992.

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