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Meaning of Botswana Flag

Symbolism and Meaning of Botswana Flag

Have you ever wondered what if any meaning the colors or symbols on a flag might have.

Of course a single color can appear on several flags and may very well have a different meaning on each flag.

The colors found on the Botswana flag are the same as the ones on the nation’s coat of arms. There is a motto on the coat of arms “PULA” which means “Let there be rain”.

The light blue of the Botswana flag symbolizes the water that is so vital to farmers, herdsmen, really everyone and the wildlife. So this prayer for rain is no surprise.

The black horizontal stripe in the middle of the flag represents the racial harmony of the country’s people and also the pluralistic society.

The zebra is the national animal of Botswana and is the inspiration for the black and white used on the flag.

Botswana Flag Picture

Botswana adopted it’s flag on 30 September 1966 after Botswana was granted independence from Britain.

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