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Meaning of Bosnia Herzegovina Flag

Symbolism and Meaning of Bosnia Herzegovina Flag

Have you ever wondered what if anything the colors and symbols on a flag mean?

The Bosnia Herzegovina flag has a blue background with seven white five pointed stars which cross the flag in a diagonal line with half stars at both ends of the line of stars.

There is a yellow triangle to the right of the stars.

The three points of the triangle represent the three national groups: Bosnians, Croatians and Serbs that call the country home.

The white stars are symbolic of Europe and are meant to represent an infinite number as symbolized by the stars trailing off into infinity.

Originally the intent was to have the same blue in this flag as used in the U.N. flag but was changed to come closer to the shade used for the darker blue seen on the flag of the European Union(E.U.).

 Bosnia Herzegovina Flag Image

Other than the meaning given by the governments, most individuals have an emotional reaction to their country’s flag, as well as the flag of his or her ancestral land.

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