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Meaning of Azerbaijan Flag

Symbolism and Meaning of Azerbaijan Flag

The national flag of Azerbaijan is composed of three equal sized horizontal stripes of blue, red and green with a white crescent and eight point star in the center of the red band.

Blue refers to the Turkic heritage, red stands for progress and Europeanization and the green is a reference to Islam.

There are differing opinions about the meaning of the crescent and star on this flag. However these symbols often appear on flags of Islamic countries and that may be why the crescent appears on this flag.

It has been suggested that the eight point star may represent the eight branches of the Turkic people.

Azerbaijan Flag Picture

The Azeri people respect their flag and see it as a symbol of the values and morals of their nation just as other peoples think about their flags and just about every flag symbolizes the hope and dreams for the future of the nation.

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