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Meaning of Australia Flag

Symbolism and Meaning of Australia Flag

The Australian flag has a background of dark royal blue with the Union Jack in the canon (upper left corner of the flag).

There is a large white seven point star below the canon. This is the star of the federation. The right half of the flag depicts the Southern Cross, a constellation with one small five point star and four seven point stars that are equal in size and larger than the five point star.

The Union Jack represents the British colonization since Australia served as a penal colony.

The seven point star stands for the six Australian states and the seventh point symbolizes Australian territories. The Southern Cross is a constellation of stars that can be viewed in all of Australiaís states and territories.

The Australian flag was first used in 1901 after the country gained independence. For about fifty years there were two versions of the Australian flag.

The first had the same design but had a red background. On April 14, 1954 the blue ensign was adopted because many people felt that red symbolized communism.

Australia and Jordan are the only two countries in the world that use a seven point on their national flag.

Australian Flag Picture

There hasnít been any special meaning attributed to the colors on the Australian flag.

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